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All of our courses are approved by JAUPT

With New guideline from the senior traffic commissioner on security. This prompted us to write our latest course. Terrorism, Security & Incident Prevention course. This course is a 7 hour course and is proving very popular with the trade, with great feedback from all of our clients and delegates. This course is suitable for LGV and PCV.

Professional Drivers Conduct is suitable for LGV  and PCV drivers and has 12 mini  sessions on different types of subject matter. Being a professional driver, ‘O’ licencing, drivers fitness, drivers hours, seat belts and driver conduct hearings. Its jam packed full of great content.

The hottest topic in the transport sector currently bar none is “ Bridge Strikes” The traffic commissioners are taking a valid interest in making all drivers from LGV and PCV sector aware or how import this subject is. “Bridge Strikes and Highway Code” Really gets the point across  and is suitable for LGV and PCv drivers a like.

First Aid (Basic Life Support) This course is really a must and should be 1 of your 5 to do we believe. Its suitable for LGV and PCV drivers and includes all subjects relating to saving life. Whether that’s heart attacks, broken bones, the use of slings, angina, the recovery position of the basic first aid box this course has it all.

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